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Christopher Nielsen-Life Coach

I have created a framework and easy to use tools for shaping your habits, building your skills and achieving a growth mindset!

"I have mentored, consulted and coached over the past 40 years, diving deep into everything from, entreprenuership, worforce readiness, life skills, business consulting to cutting-edge tech development, automated online marketing and immersive engagement in the entertainment industry. I've kick-started 15 lifestyle businesses and co-dreamed the Business Innovation Center, which is all about growing communities through learning programs and mentorship.

Helping businesses and entreprenuers rise through programs like E for All or Startup Weekend and helping businesses transform their ideas to online platforms through my company CNP Integrations has been a blast. On top of that, I've been rolling up my sleeves, working with high schoolers and adults, making sure they're geared up for the job world by designing and delivering several “Workforce Readiness” programs. Many of which have contributed to developing my new books and curriculum "Your Compass List."

Now, I've also been known to dabble in the arts - winning awards in event production, TV, and music composition. I am not famous (yet) but I am very proud of the quality of my creative works and this is still an ongoing journey for me. I have plenty of info on my other web sites."  

Perhaps you have heard of Toastmasters International? Yep, I founded a club in MA and this has been an amazing experience for honing my public speaking and leadership mojo (I highly recommend it). All in all, I've been around the block a few times to bring a big bucket of experience and ideas that can help you thrive and I'm all about guiding folks and businesses to shine their brightest, no matter what curveballs come your way. I can do this well because I have learned through many diverse experiences dodging many of these same curveballs, developing a growth mindset and learning to become resilient through the toughest of times.

  • My new book, workbook and curriculum “Your Compass List” is an exceptional framework for personal and professional development. After you complete this program you will have a solid process for continued improvement, resilient self confidence and a foundation to build your best self.
  • I share these proven methods with personalized one on one coaching, mentoring and cohort style programs. This program includes insights and inspirations from some of the most popular thought leaders, subject matter experts in a vast cross section of domains.

Through my passion for innovative tech and the substantial research I have done on Artificial Intelligence over the past decade, I realized the recent advancements in AI is just the beginning of a significant transformational time for all of us (Do not panic at the urgency but believe me it is time to start preparing). For this reason I have shifted my focus to helping people and communities adjust, adapt and prepare for a rapidly changing world of uncertainty.

What you will need the most in a world transformed by AI will be to "know your self". Think about it, most AI and online social media platforms know you better thant you know yourself. I'll bet most peoplle could tell me the mission statement of the company they work for but if I asked you; What is your personal mission statement? You could not tell me.

I am passionate about helping you on a path of self discovery and techniques for adopting a mindset of Learning as a Lifestyle.

"I promise that I can help you prepare and transform your life with readiness to confront these coming challenges. Through the programs I have created with "Your Compass List" you will grow new habits and guiding principles in a transformed mindset armed for success."

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