Your Compass List - Learning as a Lifestyle

How to prepare for a world driven by Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation using a methodical approach for self-reflection. A practical guide to develop skills and perspectives for a more purposeful life; one filled with productivity, confidence, inner happiness, and peace of mind.

Personal Clarity
Dive deep into our program to discover your true north with personal clarity, unlocking a roadmap to navigate life's choices with conviction and purpose.
Life Strategies
Master the art of thriving, not just surviving, with our life strategies module—crafting a visionary blueprint to steer through life's twists and turns with grace and achievement.
Self Awareness
Embark on the transformative journey of self-awareness with us; illuminate your inner world, harness your unique strengths, and connect authentically with those around you.
Happiness Mindset
Let's reframe your world together! Immerse yourself in our program to cultivate a happiness mindset, finding joy and potential in every moment, even when clouds loom.
Power of Affirmations
Experience the magic of manifesting your dreams. Through our program, tap into the incredible power of affirmations, and watch as the words you speak and think shape your reality.
Confidence & Resilience
Ignite your inner fire with our tailored guidance! Harness unwavering confidence and build resilience to rise, time and again, embracing challenges and celebrating triumphs.
Forward Thinking
Illuminate your path with foresight. Delve into forward-thinking mode, fostering an anticipatory mindset that identifies opportunities, adapts to change, and pioneers innovations for the world of tomorrow.
AI Readiness
Stand at the forefront of the future! With our program, you'll demystify the world of Artificial Intelligence, equipping yourself with knowledge and agility to thrive in an AI-driven landscape.
Skills & Habits
Step into a realm where routines transform into rituals. Our program will guide you in honing essential skills and cultivating habits that lead not just to success, but to sustained excellence and fulfillment.

“A Bucket List” is what you WANT to do before you die, to live life to its fullest. “A Compass List” is WHAT you do so you CAN live your entire life to its fullest.

Self Paced Program
This package includes both the Your Compass List book and the Companion Workbook. You can work at your own pace to discover Learning as a Lifestyle
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Self Paced with Mentor Kick Start Program
In addition to the Your Compass List Book and Companion Workbook you also receive a two hour online mentoring session to help you kickstart your journey on discovering Learning as a Lifestyle.
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24 Week Bootcamp
Share your journey with a cohort of piers and experience guidance from experienced mentors. Includes Your Compass List book and companion workbook. Weekly sessions with additional content related to targeted lessons.
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Holistic Personal Growth
By diving deep into personal clarity, self-awareness, and skills development, individuals experience a holistic evolution, cultivating not only their minds but also their hearts, leading to a richer and more fulfilling life journey.
Empowerment in a Digital Age
With modules on AI readiness and forward-thinking, participants become adept navigators of our rapidly changing digital world, positioning themselves as proactive shapers of technology, rather than mere consumers.
Resilient Mindset & Actions
From embracing a happiness mindset to building confidence and resilience, learners acquire the mental fortitude to face challenges head-on, rebound from setbacks, and consistently move forward with optimism and purpose.
Strategic Life Navigation
With a foundation in life strategies and the power of affirmations, individuals are equipped to set clear goals, manifest their desires, and make intentional choices that align with their envisioned path, crafting a life story by design rather than by default.
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