Overview: The Four Week Life Skills Mentoring Program is a personalized initiative designed to foster a lifelong commitment to learning in participants. Recognizing that the journey towards personal and professional development requires consistent learning, this program offers a framework to incorporate learning as a fundamental lifestyle habit.

Program Components:

  1. Personalized Mentoring Sessions: (1 hour per week for four weeks): 
    • Needs Assessment: Each session initiates with a comprehensive discussion to grasp the participant's present learning patterns, ambitions, and obstacles.
    • Objective Formation: After the preliminary assessment, we establish concise and feasible learning targets for both the immediate and long-term future.
    • Strategic Design: A custom learning blueprint is developed, outlining the steps, resources, and timelines needed to fulfill the objectives. This includes suggestions on relevant courses, reading materials, and other learning aids.
    • Motivational Enhancement: Mentors will share personal experiences and success narratives to inspire and enthuse the participants. This segment highlights the benefits and rewards of lifelong learning.
    • Query Resolution: Each session concludes with an open forum where participants can ask questions, seek clarifications, and share feedback.
  2. Compass List Book: 
    • This book serves as the cornerstone of the program, guiding participants in their journey of lifelong learning. It provides insights into:
      • The significance of continuous learning in a world rapidly evolving due to technology.
      • Methods to nurture a growth mindset.
      • Tactics to tackle common learning barriers, such as procrastination and information overload.
      • Guidelines on leveraging technology and online platforms for effective learning.
  3. Companion Workbook:
    • Working in tandem with "Your Compass List," this workbook is an interactive resource that lets participants apply the principles from the book. It includes:
      • Templates for setting goals that help participants define their learning objectives.
      • Weekly and monthly planners to streamline their learning routines.
      • Reflective tasks to measure progress and adjust strategies.
      • Space for recording notes, insights, and key takeaways from the mentoring session.


  • Customized Guidance: Each participant receives individualized advice and strategies, ensuring the program aligns with their unique needs and aspirations.
  • Holistic Strategy: The blend of mentoring, a guiding book, and a practical workbook ensures participants are equipped with the knowledge and tools to cultivate learning as a lifestyle.
  • Collaborative Environment: Participants become part of a community of fellow learners, encouraging collaboration, mutual support, and knowledge exchange.
  • Two Months Access to the Life Skills Learning Center: Participants have unrestricted access to an online library of resources for two months, supporting your learning journey beyond the mentoring sessions.

Conclusion: The Four Week Life Skills Mentoring Program is not merely a learning initiative; it's a catalyst to stimulate a mindset of continuous learning. With personalized mentoring, a guiding book, a hands-on workbook, and access to a wealth of resources, participants are poised to transform their lives, one learning step at a time.

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