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Welcome to the first step of your transformative journey with our Mentorship Program: Life Skills for an AI-Transformed World. We're excited to have you onboard and are eager to facilitate your personal and professional growth in this evolving era of an AI-dominated society.

Sample: Introduction Course

Please follow these simple steps to get started:

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  1. Pick Your Program: We offer several levels of membership associated with mentorship and coaching. All coaching or mentoring programs come with Your Compass List and Companion Workbook. If you sign up for any of our entry level programs you can always upgrade at a discounted rate to extended programs. Make sure before you begin that you are ready to do the work. Non of these programs can happen unless you are willing to make the time and do the daily work. When you make the effort you will realize an amazing transformation in your life and we are 100% confident you will achieve a greater sense of happiness and have the confidence to be your best.

  2. Complete Your Profile: When you sign up for any of our mentorship programs we ask for some profile information to assist us in providing customized mentorship for you. The information required includes your full name, contact details, shipping address, and some additional questions we need to better understand your goals and expectations. This data allows us to send you your own copies of the "Your Compass List" book and its companion workbook, and helps us prepare for your online mentoring sessions.

  3. Membership: Once your membership is complete you will have instant and full access to our Life Skills Learning Center, resource directories and other unique content. Depending on your membership you will be able to upgrade or extend if you need more time to progress through our programs. Our cohort bootcamp memberships receive lifetime access. 

  4. Referral Codes: Once you become a member you will be able to refer your friends and they will receive 15% off their membership when they sign up. You also receive a 15% coupon for any future upgrades or purchases.

  5. Book Delivery and Verification: Once you've filled in your profile and complete your membership, we will ship your books to the provided address. You will also have acess to the Audio book and pdf digital coppies so you can get started right away. You can expect your printed books to arrive within 7-10 business days, depending on your location. 

  6. Scheduling Your Sessions: Upon signup confirmation, we will reach out to you via email to arrange the schedule for your online mentoring sessions. You'll have the opportunity to choose from a range of available slots to find the most suitable timings for your sessions.

  7. Pre-Session Guidance: Prior to your first session, we will provide you with further guidance on how to prepare, including familiarizing yourself with the Compass List book and workbook. We encourage you to start exploring these resources ahead of your first session where we will answer any questions and work with you on your framework for success.

  8. Starting Your Journey: Once everything is in place, your transformative journey of self-exploration begins. Our experienced mentors will guide you through each session, helping you navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities of a world transformed by AI. The most important part of this journey is that you are ready and willing to grow and adapt right from the start with an open mind.

We are thrilled to accompany you on this journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. Let's get started!

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