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Kickstart Coaching Session
Includes book, workbook and one month access to Life Skills Learning Center Content. NOTE: Anyone that signs up for this program will get a $200 discount on upgrading to the full bootcamp program along with bonus content.
For 1 month

In our one-on-one "Kickstart Coaching Session: Life Skills Training for a World Transformed by AI," you will  embark on a focused journey to understand and navigate the changing landscapes of personal and professional life in the age of artificial intelligence.

The one on one coaching session offers an overview and quick start guide to "Your Compass List," as an immersive program designed to help individuals align their values, goals, and skills with the demands and opportunities of an AI-driven world.

The coaching assessment dives deep into personal aspirations, identifying growth areas, and leveraging the AI revolution to one's advantage. Participants receive a companion workbook, a structured guide that complements "Your Compass List", providing actionable steps, exercises, and reflective prompts to continue the growth journey beyond the session. This combination ensures that attendees leave not only with heightened awareness but also with a practical roadmap to thrive in an AI-transformed era. Includes one month access to Life Skills Learning Center Content.

Get Your Books for Self-Paced Program - with 7 Day FREE Trial of Life Skills Learning Center
Get Your Compass List book and companion workbook and a FREE 7 Day Trial of Life Skills Learning Center
For 7 days and 3 minutes

Get your copy of the "Your Compass List" book and companion workbook,  PLUS a 7 Day Free Trial of the Life Skills Learning Center with access to all videos, pdf's and other content.

Once your trial is over you can easily upgrade to a monthly plan of $14.95 per month or discounted annual fee of $129.00. As a subscribed member you will receive a $200 coupon for upgrading to the 24 week Bootcamp program which you can use any time within your yearly subscription. You will also receive a coupon for a free one hour coaching  and strategy assessment  session with an upgrade purchase of our four hour mentoring program. This offer is a great way to get your books, explore our learning center and start preparing yourself for a learning as a lifestyle mindset. Our program is an excelent way to strategically prepare for a future of  your design.

Four Week Life Skills Mentoring Program
BEST VALUE! Includes book, workbook and two month access to Life Skills Learning Center Content. NOTE: Anyone that signs up for this program will get a $200 discount when upgrading to the full bootcamp program along with bonus content.
/ 2 months and 3 minutes

In this four-week "Mentoring Program: Life Skills for an AI-Transformed World," participants engage in a comprehensive exploration over the course of four one-hour sessions, spread across four weeks.

This program is tailored to help individuals comprehend and adeptly navigate the intricate terrains of both personal and professional life in this AI-dominated era. Each week delves into different facets of "Your Compass List," an immersive program fashioned to seamlessly align individual values, aspirations, and skills with the evolving demands and burgeoning opportunities of an AI-centric world.

By interspersing theoretical insights with practical applications, the mentoring program ensures a holistic understanding. Alongside these enlightening sessions, participants are handed a companion workbook. This guide, designed to complement the "Compass List", is replete with actionable steps, hands-on exercises, and reflective questions, enabling continuous self-growth outside of the scheduled mentorship hours.

As the weeks progress, attendees will not only bolster their awareness but will also craft a tangible, forward-focused roadmap to excel in a world reshaped by AI. Includes one month access to Life Skills Learning Center Content and coupons for upgrades and additional mentorship support.

24 Week Cohort Bootcamp Program
A 24 week immersive program including the book and companion workbook. NOTE: This program requires a minimum of 8 participants. Start times may vary depending on enrollment.
For Life Time

Introducing the 24-week "Cohort Bootcamp Program: Life Skills for an AI-Transformed World", a comprehensive online training course designed for individuals ready to navigate and flourish in an AI-driven landscape. Over six immersive months, participants will engage in weekly virtual cohort sessions, delving into the depth and breadth of "Your Compass List," a immersive program engineered to align personal values, goals, and skills with the opportunities presented by an AI-centric world. Includes Lifetime access to the Life Skills Learning Center.

Each week introduces fresh perspectives, with guest presenters from diverse fields sharing their insights and experiences. These specialists bring a unique flavor to the curriculum, offering participants a well-rounded understanding of the intricacies of living and working in an AI-dominant environment. Interactive classroom settings foster a sense of community, encouraging collaborative learning and robust discussions.

As part of the program, participants will also receive a companion workbook. This resource is designed to further deepen learning, filled with practical exercises, thought-provoking prompts, and action plans for individualized growth outside of the classroom hours.

By the end of this 24-week journey, participants won't just possess theoretical knowledge; they will have created a tailored roadmap and cultivated a growth mindset, empowering them to thrive in an AI-transformed world.

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